Taylorism and Anti-Taylorism

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  • Published : May 12, 2011
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Scientific management still holds a strong role in a predominantly service economy even though that type of management has been in existence for almost a century. According to Freeman, Scientific management system also known as "Taylorism" was founded by Frederick W Taylor in 1912 where he defended for his new management system which was not approved by the authorities that time (1996,35). This system was first designated by the names "piece-rate system" and "task system". This century-old system has been modified countless times throughout history and it changed the way the management had ever been. Servicing has become so important nowadays that it is generally accepted that almost every product has service price value attached to it and service industry has become one of the most important factors for economy. Although taylorism and scientific management may be a century-old, they are still being used to quite a great advantage because its main aims are to ensure the prosperity of both employer and employee and to improve the economy's performance. To start with, scientific management increases workers' work efficiency since workers do not necessarily need to do everything like before. Each task will be divided between the squad which is the first principle of taylorism, "the division of labor" (de Montmollin, p4-15). They will be given their tasks everyday by the management team. Also, like the alternate name of the system, "piece-rate", workers are paid due to their output which means better workers are paid more. This benefits those workers a lot more than while they are on a fixed pay. In cleaning industry due to scientific management, as stated by Aguiar, the duties and works vary according to gender. Now, women are usually assigned to light tasks and men, heavy tasks. A woman cleaner in the article stated that it was never easy for a woman to do the man's job as she described her experience of doing one; washing the floor with a heavy mop. Only because...
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