Taylor Swift Analysis

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Julie Leon
WRD 103
Long Live the Queen, Taylor Swift
In the past years of the music industry, there has not been quite the artist like Taylor Swift. She is simply a young, brilliant, and stunning singer. Though she might not have as much experience as many other artists, she is making her way to become a huge success. At just the age of twenty, she has released 3 albums all of which have had hit singles. Though it was only a span of 4 years from her debut to her most recent album Speak Now, her music shows how much she has grown as a person and as a singer. Her most successful album, released in 2010 was a major success in the music industry; with each song written so beautifully, it is amazing to believe it was written by a twenty year old.

Speak Now was a much bigger hit than her previous album Fearless, and even that was much bigger than her debut release of “Tear Drops on My Guitar”. Though some just simply see her as the typical southern girl country singer trying to make it huge, she is much more than that. She put so much emotion and personal experiences in her songs that make the album simply pure genius.

Taylor Swift is simply best known for writing about love and broken hearts. At such a young age, it is simply expected that any girl would be going through heartbreaks, lust, and lost in fairy tales. She did what she could do best and pulled out an entire album to express how she felt. The number one hit single on it was “Mine”. The song has so much meaning. It is amazing to believe how she could come up with words such as “Flash forward and we'd been taking on the world together and there is a drawer of my things and your place… you said we’d never made my parents’ mistakes.” Though it is quite odd to hear her singing about living with someone else and even more odd to be divorcing, it is the fact that she was able to create a wonderful masterpiece in the perspective of someone older. She has grown so much in her music; her work is not just...
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