Taylor Ambulance Company

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  • Published : March 8, 2012
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Taylor Ambulance Company, Inc.
Description of the company
For the last 10 years, Taylor Ambulance Company, Inc. has served the City of Kelsey. At first, the company started out as a small, independent company that provided citizens with transportation to and from hospitals, rehabilitation centers. As the company’s reputation of providing quality and professional services grew, the company began to get emergency calls from the city’s emergency 911 station and from the city’s fire departments. Our company has grown from a small, modest ambulance company to an ambulance company that provides 26 ambulances for the city and we also have 70 employees that range from paramedics to EMTs or emergency medical technicians. It was in 2008 that Taylor Ambulance Company, Inc. started providing all of the primary ambulance transportation for the City of Kelsey. Our company looks forward to continuing providing the citizens of Kelsey with the best and most professional ambulance transportation for many more years to come. If you need to contact the company but you have an emergency, please hang up and dial 9-1-1. If you do not have an emergency and you still need to schedule a non-emergency transport, please contact our local dispatch at 555-0101. If you have any other matters or issues, please contact our local Operations Manager at 555-0102. The company’s current moral and ethical issues

Although Taylor’s Ambulance Company Inc. has a positive reputation, there are many different moral and ethical issues that the company deals with every day. The major ethical decision of the company is that they are trying to decide which work schedule would be the best for all employees and that would also allow the...
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