Tax Return Position

Topics: Internal Revenue Service, Tax, Taxation in the United States Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: December 22, 2012
Tax Return Position|
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A look at how the tax laws are supported by its sources and a look at the secondary and substantial authorities. |

Throughout the beginning of time there has always been a need for rules, kings and queens created new ones as there were needed. Rules are something that we as people live by, rules tell us how to live and give us guidelines in which we must follow. Taxes are kind of like rules for the financial world that we all participate in even when we think that we are not. With every rule there has to be a foundation or source in order to make the rules stand firm; let’s take a look at some of these sources. The primary source for the tax laws is the Title 26, this is broken down into 4 categories the first is the US Code or also known as USC. The Second category is that of the US Annoted or also known as USA, the third is the US Services or also known as the USCS. The category of this source is that of the USCCAN Internal Revenue Code, the question is why the source is broken down into the categories. The answer is simple each source was created when the constitution was created and each source helps to protect the law in which it was created from. Another way to say this is that the Primary sources are created by any one branch of government, and these are the guidelines in which we as American live on a daily basis. The main source of any rule must always have a backup which is known as the secondly source; these are simply a report that states what the law is about, how it work, and how it applies to the average American today. In order for this source to work there are steps that have to be taken such as overview, which will give the entire layout of the law. The next step is that of Law review this is simply review the laws that are created to make sure that the law will stand and those others laws are not being broken while making laws. Other steps involve...
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