Tax Is Theft

Topics: Theft, Tax, Robbery Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Now, let's say I approach you on the street and demand money from you would you give it to me? What if I threatened you? Would it be right for me to insist you give me the money from your wallet? What if I only wanted one third of the money in your wallet? What if I promised you protection and other services in return for the money? Would you consider this theft? I imagine you would. Mugging, robbery, extortion. And you would be right in that assessment.

What if I stopped you on the street and had 10 people agreeing that you should give me the money? Would it still be theft? Of course it would. How about 100 people? 1,000? 10,000? 1,000,000? At what point does it no longer qualify as theft, robbery or extortion? If your answer is “never” then you’re not only a rational human being, but you also agree that taxes are theft, though you may not have realized it.

Because that’s exactly what the government has done. They’ve gathered a large group of people together to assert that they have the right to take one-third (or more) of your money and that you have no choice in the matter. Should you not give them your money, sanctions will be made. First, they send you a letter saying all the nasty things they’ll do to you if you don’t give them ‘their’ money. They may make a few phone calls. They may send someone to your house, chasing you for ‘their’ money. Then, they start valuing and stealing your possessions. Next, it’s your house. Then, you get sent to prison. Then, you’re bankrupt with no future.

The differences between a mugger in a dark alley and a law enforcement officer is the amount of money they demand from you (the government wants far more then the mugger) and the number of people backing them up. Also, if you don’t pay a mugger, he takes it by force. If you don’t pay the government, they ruin your life.

It's effectively a protection racket. Also you can't stop paying, even if the services you're paying for are sub-standard. For example, have you...
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