Tax Consulting for Dupont

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Matthew Ford
Professor Carlos Aguilar
Intro to Computers 1401
12 November 2012
Tax Consulting for DuPont with Mike Ford
I sat down With Mike Ford on November 10 of 2012 to find out just what exactly what it is that a tax consultant does at a company as large as DuPont and to see if the job that I hope to have, as an tax consultant was the right job for me. What I learned and what I am about to tell you was very revealing and illuminating for me. I learned that things aren’t always the way you picture them and that some better opportunities may await for me at DuPont.

Mike Ford is a tax consultant for DuPont; Mike Ford was born on June 30 1961 and has been a tax consultant since he graduated from Stephen F Austin University. However he has only worked at DuPont for four years, DuPont is a company that was founded 200 years ago by the DuPont brothers who came to American to make money by making explosive powder for the U.S government, to this day they still make many products in the chemical field and they also make products like Kevlar for the U.S government. DuPont is not just a company that is located in the U.S, they are a company that has offices all over the world in almost every country, providing the same products and services that they offer in the U.S. However their head offices are located in Wilmington Delaware which is of course is where the brothers DuPont started the company. As of today, the company of DuPont currently employ about 40, 00 people, this number has been growing for many years, but it has not been a great strength for them lately because of the recent economic downturn. According to Mike Ford not only do they have that many employees, but the employees themselves are very diverse with their work force being 55% men and 45% women. About 80% of those employees are full time workers. It is true that some of the work that the company does like I.T and H.R are outsourced to other companies, but this is only done in the case of...
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