Tavos Sport Sale and Inventory

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  • Published : July 3, 2013
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Statement of the Problem
The Problem (TAVOS SPORTS)
* Difficulties on accessing the item in the inventory due to manual system operation. * Experience lost and improper recording of some items.
* Consumes amount of time in checking the supply in the inventory * Miscalculation in computing the sales report.
Statement of the Objectives
The proposed Sales and Inventory System of TAVOS SPORTS will: * Provide ease of access on the items in the inventory with the use of database. * Eliminate or minimize loss and improper recording of some items. * Generate reports instantly.

* Provide accurate Sales Report.

Significance of the Study
The study of Sales and Inventory System will benefit the following: Business Establishment – The Study will enhance and improved their daily business with the use of automation system they can have an accurate report, prevent item lost, and monitor every transactions that they will have in their business. This will also improve the appearance of their business establishment and attracts more customers with the use of computerized system. Student – This will help them develop their knowledge in building a Sales and Inventory System. This will guide them in dealing with assessing business establishment that need a computerized system to improve their daily transaction. Owner – The study gives more opportunity to get more customers which means more income. Manager – The proposed system can minimize his/her work.

Cashier – The proposed system can provide the cashier faster and easier transactions. Customer – The proposed system could provide them faster services. Researchers – Can enhance their ability on how to handle big problems and to develop their self-confidence.

Scope and Limitation of the Study
The scope and limitation of TAVOS SPORTS are the following:
* Easy to process the orders of the customers.
* Automatic calculation and system security.
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