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  • Published : September 20, 2012
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* One characteristic of the Tausug is preservation of the family reputation and will never commit an act of cowardice that will blemish on the family’s name * “You can never expect a Tausug to run from a good fight” * They believe that running away is shameful especially when other members of the family are involved Paggunting

* Tausug baptism
* The child clad in best garment is brought to the group of Imams standing in circle * A few strands of hair are dipped in a container of the water of butong * The child’s mouth is smeared with sugar

* Candle is lit at the beginning of the rite and is then blown off after

The Burial Practice
* When the warmth is gone, the corpse is sponged in cold water * The bathing is done by religious persons
* The bathing is done in silence
* The water used is fresh and perfumed with betel nut flowers, kamanyan or insence, and sandalwood * The corpse is wiped and then perfumed and placed in a shroud * The shroud is made of three pieces of white cloth in accordance with the length of the corpse * It is wrapped in a lying position with hands placed on its chest, the right over the left * The coffin is made of wood and has no lid

* Grave is dug in proportion to the length of the corpse
* It follows a north-south direction and is 6-9 feet deep and it is closed with slabs of board about 2-inch thick, 1 foot wide and 3-4 feet long * Grave markers for males are rounded and flat for females * Burial is followed by a seven-day vigil. Depending on a family's economic circumstances, commemorative feasts may be held on the 7th, 20th, 40th, and 100th day, and on the first, second, and third anniversaries of death.

Religious beliefs
* They are Sunni Muslims, followers of the Shaft school. * the Five Pillars are observed, although only the elderly practice daily prayers regularly. All illness, accidents, and other misfortunes are...
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