Tattoos or Body Piercing Today vs. 30 Years Ago

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  • Published : November 2, 2010
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Tattoos or body piercing today vs. 30 years ago
Has anyone noticed today we see more tattoos and body piercings but do we ever think of why this is? I want to show the difference in some of the public opinions on this subject. The difference in how the tattooist and piercing shops methods that was used 30 year ago and methods used today. And upcoming generations with tattoos or body piercings are on the rise. I want to show the difference between tattoos or body piercing in the public’s eye today versus 30 years ago. Thirty years ago tattoos was frowned upon in the public eye. For example, people with tattoos in the workplace were required to cover them up in most companies. They also had dress codes at certain establishments in which tattoos could not be visible. Employment was harder to obtain because of people judging them by his/her appearance and not their ability and knowledge. The people 30 years ago viewed them as rebellious signature, something done on an inebriated whim, dirty, disgusting, irresponsible, and trashy. And the list of opinions held by the public goes on these are just some of the examples from the standards that the public held in that era. Tattoos weren’t as safe 30 years ago as they are today. All the standards 30 years ago were not as high as today’s standards. Tattooist did not have to wear gloves; they would just clean their equipment with alcohol and wipe it down without sterilization. And needles were also cleaned down with alcohol and reused without sterilization. People doing tattoos did not have to be certified and licensed. And a large number of people doing tattoos then used homemade equipment instead of professional equipment. Therefore, the equipment the tattooist used back then was not as sterile and safe as they could have been. And in a procedure of any kind in which the skin is penetrated with unsterilized equipment that is just inviting infections in. And unsterilized and unsafe equipment used is when people had...
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