Tattoos and Their Acceptance Into Society

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Got Ink?

Got Ink? Tattoos in today’s society are a way of self-expression and art. There has been a lot of controversy over tattoos and the many meanings behind them. Tattoos were and still are widespread among the Polynesian people, certain tribal groups in the Philippines, Africa, North America, South America, Mesoamerica, Europe, Japan, Cambodia, New Zealand and China. Despite some taboos and superstitions surrounding tattooing, the art continues to be popular all over the world. In this essay I intend to educate you on the origin of tattoos and how they slowly but surely have been accepted into today’s society but are still being stereotyped and discriminated against. There are many stereotypes and prejudice feelings towards tattoos. It seems to definitely be a trend or fashion that is going to stay with today’s society and continues to grow. The American Academy of Dermatology distinguishes 5 types of tattoos, the first being traumatic tattoos, also called a natural tattoo, that result from injuries. The second being amateur tattoos. The third being professional tattoos, both traditional methods and modern (electric tattoo machines). The fourth being cosmetic tattoos, also known as permanent makeup or scar/blemish cover and last is medical tattoos. The practice of tattoos believe it or not is over 5000 years old and going. In 1991, two hikers found a man emerging from melting glacial ice in the Alps between Austria and Italy. This man was recorded to be of around 35 years of age and was also the oldest and best preserved mummy recovered till this day. He was recorded to have over 50 tattoos on his body. The areas the tattoos were placed brought scientist to believe that it was a form of healing due to the locations of the tattoos. (History of Tattoos, 2008)

1870 the first professional American and British tattoo shops were opened (History of Tattoos, 2008). The American C.H. Fellowes was a fleet follower tattooing his art on Soldiers and Sailors on...
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