Tattoos and Piercings; Is There a Stigma

Topics: Body piercing, HIV, Titanium Pages: 1 (294 words) Published: November 17, 2011
Health Risks Associated With Tattoos and Body Piercings
The risks of Tattoos and body piercing are real and they simply cannot be wished away or they should not be taken lightly too. One should be aware of all the issues involved and take necessary precautions to avoid complications latter. The health risks associated with tattoos and body piercing are given below. Pain -- Some piercing may not hurt but some others are going to be difficult and one should be prepared for it. Infections -- Infection can lead to scarring and blood poisoning also. The infection can be caused by bacteria or fungi. It can be due to improper methods of piercing or due to unhygienic conditions. Allergic reaction -- Metals such as nickel that are used in cheap jewelry are known to cause skin allergic reaction and this can lead to itching and swelling and other related complications. It is better to be safe with jewelry made from stainless steel or some such safer metal. Even 14 carat gold jewelry has nickel included which is generally not known. Nerve damage -- If the piercing is not done carefully by a trained person, there is a possibility of some nerve getting damaged leading to permanent lack of sensation in the affected area of the body. Excessive bleeding -- At the time of piercing, if a blood vessel gets pierced by mistake, this can cause excessive bleeding and further problems associated with it. Cross contamination -- There is a possibility of contamination by HIV or hepatitis B and C if piercing needles are not properly sterilized. Keloids -- Tough knots of scar tissue gets formed at the piercing location. Dental risk -- This will come up due to oral piercing. One may experience chipped teeth, worn tooth enamel and damage to gums.
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