Tattoos and Piercings from History Till Today

Topics: Body modification, Tattoo, Body art Pages: 3 (970 words) Published: June 13, 2010
Tattoos and Piercings from history till today.

Have you ever noticed that girl or guy sitting beside you all covered in tattoos and piercings? Did you think to yourself what a freak, or are you yourself one of these people who enjoy getting tattoos and piercings? You may not be aware of this but tattoos and piercings have been around for millions of years. In fact the earliest known examples of tattoos were in ancient Egypt and were found present on several female mummies dated to c.2000 B.C. There are many reasons why people throughout history and today get tattoos and piercings. Some of these reasons are based on the person’s religion. In history as Christianity emerged it brought with it the secrecy of an underground religion in a Roman state of intolerance. Christians began tattooing crosses on the underside of their forearms as a secret sign to other Christians. This was a bold statement of their faith. There are several reasons why people get religious tattoos in today’s society as well. One reason could be that they’ve survived something difficult. Oftentimes, a person’s faith is the only thing that seems to get them through a tough time and they want to honor their survival with a tattoo. Another example is that the tattoo has a dual meaning. For example, cross tattoos may represent a person’s religious beliefs as well as their ethnic background. Finally some get tattoos and piercings because they want to show their faith to others. For some people, spirituality is a significant part of who they are. They want this to be demonstrated to everyone who meets them. There are many other beliefs held by various cultures about the significance of tattoos.  In Asian, the women believe that if they receive a tattoo during pregnancy, then the tattoo has the ability to protect the mother and child as well as influence the gender of the child.  For the African tribe of Sokapanas, their belief is if the recipient shows any signs of fear or pain while receiving...
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