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Irresponsible, Not Lazy
Individuals today, not just students, are lazy. To say that students are lazy just because they do not pay for their own college is wrong. Not paying for it on your own is more of a hand out to you from your parents, it is help, or somewhat tradition as one would say. I’d say though, that not paying for your own college makes you a bit irresponsible, less mature than others, but not lazy as Audrey Rock-Richardson says in her article Pay Your Own Way! (Then Thank Mom).

Do not get me wrong, I agree with the fact that by paying for your own college education it gives you a sense of accomplishment and pays off in every way possible throughout your life experiences. I, myself, am paying for my own education, books and all. Yes, having a little help from my parents would be nice, but honestly, I would not have it any other way. Paying for your tuition yourself teaches you how to manage your time and money wisely, it helps you grow up faster, become a more mature and responsible adult. Although, I do not agree with the fact that by not paying for it all on your own then it makes you lazy. Not doing your homework, not going to school, always being in bed, not helping around the house; that is lazy. Not paying for your own college education, that is pure irresponsibility. I know plenty of people my age that have been able to pay for their own education by themselves, it makes them a better person, and helps understand the mechanics of how the world works. To me, the individuals that get college paid for them by their parents tend to take it for granted. They go out and party every night, get involved in all these activities for fun, they tend to lose sight of what they are really there for, which is stay focused on school, study, graduate and accomplish your goals in life. Do not get me wrong, having a little fun in college is always good, it is what teens/young adults do but, when that little fun starts to run your life then it is a problem....
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