Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Sarah Holtwick
Dr. Brice
English 11011
29 January 2013
“The Roller-coaster of Body Art”
We all have the right to express ourselves how we want to, whether it be dancing, drawing, singing, or even body art!! Tattoos are not just for looks, it’s a way to tell a story. A lot of people that have gone in the war or service, they come out wanting to get a tattoo about what division they were in. Do we judge them or criticize them on that? No, we honor them! So before you start assuming that people with tattoos are bad, just ask questions for the meaning behind the tattoo. You will be surprised of what most people will have to say. Many people that have been through rough times or even came close to death; get a tattoo to remind themselves that they are a strong person and can make it through any curve ball. So when they look at their art it pushes them to do bigger and better things in life. Other people get tattoos in memory of a loved one that has pasted or of a loved pet. Most new mothers get them to symbolize that they have children; some may even have a spiritual meaning. Also some people don’t get tattoos because it is agents ether their religion/beliefs, they feel that if you were born naked you should die naked. The meaning by this is that if god gave you bare skin you should not mark it up with ink. You are beautiful the way you are! They also feel that in the work place you should NOT have these crazy out right looking tattoos showing, they think/feel it will run off their potential customers/business. Why hate on the body art?? I’m all for it! Tattoos are amazing in my eyes. When you wake up every day you’re able to look at your body art and it’s almost like your given a free ticket to the past or it could be a look into the future. As for my tattoos they have meaning, I have my first child’s name and I’m working on my other two kids names. I also have many stars that represent the sky as my limit to succeed my life long dreams. Yes...
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