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Close your eyes and think of what you envision when you hear the word tattoo. There are many different ways of describing them. Some call it body art, some call it body designs, but truly it does not matter. There are several very different classifications of tattoos. Some of the various classifications consist of Old School, New School, Tribal, Celtic, Biomechanical, and Typographic tattoos. Each of these classifications are unique in their own way and different from the others in most aspects. It will be easier to identify which classification your tattoo, if you have any, falls under once hearing a thorough description of what each classification pertains to. The classifications of the tattoos also may hold a meaning to the person who holds the tattoo, but usually it does not matter.

The first classification we have is the Old School tattoos. These types of tattoos are also known as the traditional tattoos. This refers to a western style that has features that are bold blue-black outlines that are usually filled with solid reds and greens. It has rare additions of blues, browns, and purples. It is embellished with little to no shading. These tattoos are usually of simple design A primary example of this would be the gypsy woman. This would be the basic description of an Old School or Traditional tattoo.

Second, we have the New School tattoos. By definition, these tattoos are designs that are in your face. They usually are extremely bold and bright. These tend to be more of a contemporary and fantastical design. They are also favored by the younger artist crowd because they desire a challenge. These particular tattoos usually hold more detail and more color than the old school tattoos. An example of this type of tattoo is the cartoon characters, such as SpongeBob SquarePants. This would be how a New School tattoo is described.

Third, we have the tribal tattoo classification. These are tattoos in the simplest form. They are extremely popular. In...
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