Tatparanandam Ananda Krishnan

Topics: Management, Entrepreneurship, Risk Pages: 3 (974 words) Published: March 6, 2013
A successful business tycoon “Tatparanandam Ananda Krishnan”, with net worth of $9.6 billion at age 75 holds business interests in property development, satellites and communications, oil trading and gaming. He obtained his primary and secondary education in Malaysia and his tertiary education at University of Melbourne, Australia. The entrepreneur’s “Maxis Communications” company and diversified business interests has made him one of the wealthiest business magnate in Southeast Asia. Many entrepreneurship characteristics defined by Dr. Donald F. Kuratko’s and Professor Jeffry A. Timmons can be attributed to Ananda Krishnan. Independence, self-confidence and optimism can be seen within Ananda Krishnan in where he as the corporate image of Usaha Tegas own and manage it solely by himself. Usaha Tegas is described to be Ananda Krishnan’s investment and is run as a consulting organization with interest spanning into several sectors such as Communication, Broadcasting, Media and Energy. It is run by a board of advisers hand-picked by Ananda Krishnan by himself based on their professional backgrounds and experience. Ananda Krishnan is a man with vision. He has a clear mission and a futuristic vision to diversify his businesses He also ventured into stud farming in Australia, and is running a Hollywood cartoon studio in America and Manila. He ventured into Multimedia business and then created other business interest in satellite communication, broadcasting and gaming during the early days of 90’s. He then also developed a string of multiplex cinema in Malaysia offering the best viewing of films on bigger screens. Due to his vision and venture, his business has spread around the globe, mainly in Southeast Asia and Europe. His multimedia empire navigates the earth with two satellites includes two communication companies which are Maxis Communication and MEASAT Broadcasting Network Systems. MAXIS Communication providing the best communication globally...
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