Tatlong Taông Walang Diyos

Topics: Love, Marriage, Romance Pages: 9 (4005 words) Published: March 17, 2012
Tatlong Taông Walang Diyos

I. Summary
The film Tatlong Taông Walang Diyos started with the clips of artillery, missiles, soldiers, war planes and ships during World War II and there was narration of what happened, that the Philippines was occupied by the Japanese and it was three years without God. November, 1941 when the story started as Crispin, a Filipino was looking for Rosario in the school in Laguna where she teaches. When he saw her gazing faraway waiting for someone, he went to her and the miss asked if he’s going to leave. The man is going to join the resistance against the Japanese and bid goodbye to Rosario. Rosario couldn’t do anything but offer him prayers. Crispin showed Rosario that he will miss her by holding her hand. Rosario shows a face of sadness as the man walks away. At home, Rosario asks her mother if she believes in the talk of the town that the Japanese are going to invade the country. Her mother believes in God and in America that it is a wealthy and big country. December was the bombing of Pearl Harbor and consequently the attack of Japanese in the Philippines. Instead of fireworks heard to welcome the New Year, bombs and ammunitions were heard and fear was all over the place. 1942: The townspeople were heading to the mountains hoping for a place where they can escape from the Japanese. Rosario’s family stayed, did not believe in the hear sayings about the Japanese and placed their fate on the hands of God. Rosario saw Crispin returning. It was then that Crispin told them about the Death March, of how cruel and inhumane they were treated; he was lucky for he was able to escape. Crispin was furious and told Rosario of what it was to kill. Again, Rosario prayed for him. There was a montage of Rosario and Crispin being sweet and happy together doing chores but Crispin had to go. Rosario wept and placed a rosary around his neck. Rosario and her family had nothing to eat but sweet potatoes since their domesticated animals were ransacked by the Japanese. While eating dinner, two strangers heading to Sta. Cruz came to their house and asked directions because they were lost. Francis, a Spanish doctor asked for wine and Rosario’s father gave lambanog which Masugi, son of a Japanese businessman and a Filipina, liked. They best friends drank the lambanog, had a few laughs with Rosario’s father and Masugi got alcohol intoxicated. Francis wanted to go since it was late but Masugi insisted to finish the bottle. Upon seeing Rosario, Masugi can’t get his eyes off her and approached the lady. He wanted a kiss from her but Rosario slapped him on the face. He insisted and wanted to seduce her; Rosario’s father tried to stop Masugi but was attacked and got scared of the gun Masugi brought out. Francis didn’t like what Masugi did because the doctor loves him. Rosario had the chance to run to the stable where their animals are being raised but Masugi cornered her. Rosario was raped, Masugi and Francis left, and her family couldn’t do anything about it but pray for her. Days after, Masugi sober came back to the house of Rosario’s family and Rosario wanted to kill him. Masugi was not mad, in fact, he was smiling as he sees Rosario infuriated. Because the Japanese ordered the soldiers to befriend the Filipinos, Masugi offered to bring goods to Rosario’s family. Rosario told him that she wouldn’t eat any of what Masugi would bring; Masugi left, leaving his gift clothes to Rosario. The next day, his offer was there on the family’s dinner table. Rosario was mad and refused the canned goods and rice back to Masugi but her mother says that it has been awhile since the family ate that kind of food. Masugi visited Rosario again while she was washing the clothes in the stream. Rosario told Masugi that she was pregnant and he told her that he wanted to marry her. Masugi loves Rosario but the Filipina just laughed teasingly, Masugi slapped her and placed her on his chest after. In the church, while the...
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