Tatag Ng Wikang Filipino Lakas Ng Pagka-Pilipino

Topics: Greek mythology, Zeus, Heracles Pages: 4 (1513 words) Published: August 5, 2012

Thetis, a sea-nymph, and King Peleus were getting married. All the gods and goddesses were invited to the ceremony, except Ate, goddess of discord. She was not invited because she had a bad temper and often ruined parties. When the gods and goddesses discovered she had come to the ceremony anyways, she was kicked out. Upon leaving, she left a golden apple on a table, with a note reading “to the fairest”. All the goddesses began fighting over it, as they all thought they were the fairest. Eventually, it was narrowed down to three goddesses: Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite. The three asked Zeus to decide, but he would not because no matter which one he chose, his answer would seem biased. So he told Hermes to bring them to Mt. Ida to see Paris, the prince of Troy. The goddesses gave him the apple and told him to give it to the fairest. Athena was the first to speak and said that if he chose her, she would give him wisdom and glory in the eyes of men and gods. Hera spoke next and promised him power and wealth. Aphrodite was the last and promised him a wife as pretty as she was. Paris chose Aphrodite.

The purpose of this myth is to:


Hercules, a prominent Greek hero, was born to Zeus and Alcmene, daughter of the King of Mycenae. Hera’s hatred for the children of Zeus was prevailing, especially children of a mortal like Hercules; hence, she swore to make Hercules’ life a true nightmare. From a powerful and strong baby grew a prevailing man, one in particular who married a beautiful wife and became a kind father to three children. Hera, acknowledging her vow to make Hercules’ life a nightmare, sent upon him madness, in which he was obliged to kill his three children and wife. Although Hercules’ crimes were committed as a result of madness, he was forced to serve as a slave for Eurystheus, King of Argos, for twelve months, accomplishing twelve potent labours that his master would set upon him. Amongst the...
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