Tata Target Market South Africa

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  • Published : September 15, 2012
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Target markets
Current vs. new targets
Current targets
Tata is targeting small scale transporters and entrepreneurs in India. Now farmers and those who want to carry small products are using it, it is very cheap compared to other transport method that is the main reason why it is very popular in India. Light and Intermediate commercial vehicles; this segment of vehicles are targeting to those who wants to transport medium load from one place to another like fruit transportation, building materials, cloths and for small business need. Medium and heavy commercial vehicles; heavy industrial work, long distance transportation, transport cement mixture, transportation of oil and gasoline, transportation of big containers for heavy loading. This segment of Tata motors are targeting series business and heavy and long transportations. Buses from Tata motors; the buses made by Tata motors are used for tours and travels, public transportation and as school buses. This segment is targeting businesses involved with transporting commuters. Passenger vehicles

The Nano communication strategy is designed or individual people and families with low budget, people of all ages and genders within India, living in rural and non-rural areas. Indica car, Vista car and Indigo; targeting stylish young working individuals. The majority of the advertisements seek single men of an age between 20 and 30 years with and opposite-to-relax way of life. Military solution

The Tata motors defence solutions is a branch of Tata motors limited and is focused on military defence and technology institutions from different nations.

**** This is a list of all their current targets, I think from the information given above, it’s clear that Tata Motors finds new targets from its current target markets … This is how far I got with regards to finding target markets… answering the question “is it wise to focus on new or current targets I think it will be easy to answer if we combine our information …....
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