Tata Steel Core Competency

Topics: Employment, Working time, Employment compensation Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: September 18, 2012
The Factories Act, 1948,Section 51 to 60:
51.Weekly hours:
* No employee will work more than 48 hoours in a week.
52.Weekly Holidays:
* NO worker will work on the first day of the week.
* Incase he is made to work the he should get a holiday 3 days immediately before or after the first day for which the responsible manager has to send a notice to the inspector for approval which must be displayed in the factory notice board. 53.Compensatory holidays:

* In case an employee is deprived of his holiday he will be given compensatory holidays within that month or within two months immediately after that month. 54.Daily Hours:
* No employee will work more than 9 hours in a day.
* It can be exceeded to facilitate change of shifts with prior approval of chief inspector. * In case of overtime he has to be paid double the wages of normal working hours. 55.Intervals for rest:

* No worker will work more than 5 hours without an interval of atleast half an hour. * In cases where the total no of working hours is six, it can be exempted with prior permission of the chief inspector in written. 56.Spreadover:

* The period of work will be so arranged that it is not more than ten and a half hours in any day including the interval period for rest. 57.Night shifts:
* A worker working for a night shift will have to be given consecutive 24 hours as holiday which would be counted rom the end of his shift. * The hours after midnight would be counted as previous day in such cases. 58.Prohibition of overlapping shifts:

* An employee cannot be employed for more than one shift at the same time. 59. Extra wages for overtime:
* If a person works more than 9 hours , the extra hours would be paid on the basis of double the normal wage. * “Ordinary rate of wages” means his basic pay plus allowances and other cash equivalent advantages for which he is entitled except bonus or extra time wage . * In case any worker is paid...
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