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Tata Steel

By | April 2012
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To identify the requirement of IT support for Manpower Planning Process in TATA Steel


Saurabh Kumar

under the guidance of

Mr. P.N. Prasad
Chief IR(Establishment)
TATA Steel

Xavier Institute of Management

Bhubaneswar - 751013

June, 2010


This project would not have seen the light of day, but for the opportunity provided by TATA Steel. The company has helped me bridge the gap between academic institution and corporate world by letting me undertake an internship. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my project guide Mr. P.N. Prasad, who showed me direction but at the same time provided me with autonomy to make my own choices. In his guidance my stay at TATA Steel expanded from a project to a much larger learning experience. I would also like to thank the entire IT-IR Implementation team for supporting me during the two months and helping me develop an understanding into my project I would like to thank all professionals who took the time out to answer my questions and provide me insights about my project. I would like to thank them for their contributions, which have been invaluable. The internship made me undergo the rigor of professional environment both in form and substance. It also satisfied my inquisitiveness to know more details, expose them to technical skills and acquire social skills by continuously interacting and communicating with professionals. It gives me a sense of great pride to acknowledge the fact that working on this project has added value to my learning process.

Certificate of Approval

This is to certify that Mr. Saurabh Kumar, from Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar has undergone his summer internship in the Industrial Relations Division of TATA Steel, Jamshedpur working on the project – ‘ To identify the requirement of IT support for Manpower Planning process in TATA Steel ’. The training period was from 12th April 2010 to 12th June 2010 under the...

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