Tata Salt

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Tata Salt

Tata salt is India's first branded salt.Tata Salt pioneered the branded salt movement in India in 1983. It was the first salt in India to be manufactured using vacuum evaporation technology. By doing so, it created a successful niche for itself and continues to occupy the leadership position. The desh ka namak (salt of the nation) advertising campaign lent voice to the emotional connect and warmth that people associate with salt. In espousing the cause of the common man, through its insistence on saltiness for taste and the adequacy of iodine to ensure complete wellness, it earned for itself the epithet of desh ka namak and the trust of consumers across the country. Today the brand is seen as reliable and trustworthy and promoting the health of customers. Its appeal cuts across regions and it has become an integral component of a majority of Indian kitchens. The brand has kept up with the times, reinventing itself in an age of health consciousness with Tata Salt Lite.

Like the larger Tata brand whose name is an integral part of its own name, Tata Salt upholds values of trust and purity. Twenty-five years after it stormed the marketplace with a high quality branded salt for consumers who had no alternative to rock salt, the brand continues to deliver delight and satisfaction to its customers.

Launched in August 1983, Tata Salt was the first national brand of packaged salt to be marketed in India. To millions of Indian housewives, it presented a welcome move away from the loose, unbranded salt of suspect quality to the reassurance of clean, pure salt - guaranteed by India’s most trusted business house. As consumer acceptance of Tata Salt grew, so did the attractiveness of the category to potential manufacturers and marketers, both large and small. The last 19 years have seen the launch of scores of new brands of packaged iodised salt, including over half a dozen national brands. Yet, Tata Salt continues to be the leader in the category with 37 per cent share in this segment.

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Tata Salt Lite - The Lighter Side of Life

Tata Salt Lite is a low sodium salt from the Tata Salt brand franchise. It has been specially formulated to provide 15 per cent lower sodium than ordinary salt. It is generally accepted that lower sodium in diet assists in management of blood pressure.

The changing lifestyle of the Indian masses, especially changes in food habits and stressful working and living conditions, has led to an exponential increase of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension / high blood pressure which are also risk factors for heart diseases. In cases of high BP, several dietary restrictions are usually advised, more prominent among them being a restriction on intake of sodium in the diet.

Tata Salt Lite was launched to provide consumers who sought preventive measures to keep the blood pressure of family members under check, a convenient means of help in these stressful times. Within the first year of its launch, the brand is a market-leader in the low-sodium salt category.

In addition, Tata Salt Lite is refined and iodised. It is available in convenient 1kg food grade laminated packs to keep it free flowing and moisture free. It is now available in stores in most major cities.


In the early 1920s, Kapil Ram Vakil, a chemical engineer educated in England, saw the possibility of developing salt works in the Okhamandal region, now in the state of Gujarat. He approached the then Maharaja of Baroda, Sayaji Rao Gaekwad. Always keen to develop his princely state, the Maharaja gave his assent. In 1927, Vakil set up the Okhamandal salt Works and V T Krishnamachari, the Diwan of Baroda, laid the foundation stone.

A decade later, Vakil wanted to expand and set up a soda ash plant, but did not have the financial resources. He approached Gaekwad who wrote to the Tata's if they would be interested in assisting in a project of national importance. Tata Chemicals was born in...
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