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Tata Nano
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Tata Nano

The Tata Nano is a rear-engined, four-passenger city car built by Tata Motors, aimed primarily at the Indian market. The car is very fuel efficient, achieving around 26.00km/l on the highway and around 22.00km/l in the city.[4] It was first presented at the 9th annual Auto Expo on 10 January 2008, at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, India.[5] Nano had a commercial launch on March 23, 2009 and a booking period from April 9 to April 25, generating more than 200,000 bookings for the car.[6][7] The sales of the car will begin in July 2009,[8] with a starting price of Rs 115,000 (rupees), which is approximately equal to UK£1,467 or US$ 2,421 as of June 2009. This is cheaper than the Maruti 800, its main competitor and next cheapest Indian car priced at 184,641 Rupees.[9][10][11] Tata had sought to produce the least expensive production car in the world[12] — aiming for a starting price of Rs.100,000 (approximately US$2,000 in June 2009).[13][14] In early 2008 the news magazine Newsweek identified the Nano as a part of a "new breed of 21st-century cars" that embody "a contrarian philosophy of smaller, lighter, cheaper" and portend a new era in inexpensive personal transportation — and potentially, "global gridlock".[15] The Wall Street Journal confirmed a global trend toward small cars, which includes the Nano.[16] "Nano" from the SI prefix for one-billionth is often used to mean "small" in colloquial English.[17] Coincidentally, it also means "small" in Gujarati, the language of the founders of the Tata Group.

Manufacturer Tata Motors Parent company Also called Production Assembly Tata Sons

The People's Car 2008—present Charodi, near Sanand-Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Predecessor Class Body style(s) Layout Engine(s)

none City car 4-door saloon RR layout 2 cylinder SOHC petrol Bosch multipoint fuel injection (single injector) all aluminium 623 cc (38 cu in)

1 Overview 2 Design 2.1 Cost cutting features 2.2 Price 2.3 Model versions 3 Technical specifications 4 Speculated variants 4.1 Diesel 4.2 Compressed-air engine 4.3 Electric drivetrain or electric-version 4.4 Hybrid 4.5 Nano Europa 5 Expectations 5.1 Potential effect on Indian economy 5.2 Place in history 6 Singur factory pullout 7 Criticism, issues and problems 7.1 Questions of safety 7.2 Mass motorization 7.3 Used car market effects 8 Competitors 9 See also 10 References 11 External links Transmission (s) Wheelbase Length Width Height Kerb weight Fuel capacity Related

4 speed synchromesh with overdrive in 4th 2,230 mm (87.8 in) 3100 mm (122 in)[1] 1500 mm (59.1 in) [1] 1600 mm (63 in)[1] 580 kg (1,300 lb)-600 kg (1,300 lb)[2] 15 L (4 US gal; 3 imp gal) [2] Maruti Alto Chevrolet Spark


Girish Wagh, Justin Norek of Trilix, Pierre Castinel[3]

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Tata Nano - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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The introduction of the Nano received media attention due to its targeted low price. The Financial Times reported:[18] "If ever there were a symbol of India’s ambitions to become a modern nation, it would surely be the Nano, the tiny car with the even tinier price-tag. A triumph of homegrown engineering, the $2,200 (€1,490, £1,186) Nano encapsulates the dream of millions of Indians groping for a shot at urban prosperity." The car is expected to boost the Indian economy, create entrepreneurial-opportunities across India,[19][20] as well as expand the Indian car market by 65%[21]. The car was envisioned by Ratan Tata, Chairman of the Tata Group and Tata Motors, who has described it as an eco-friendly "people's car". Nano has been greatly appreciated by many sources and the media for its low-cost[22][23] and eco-friendly initiatives which include using compressed-air as fuel[24] and an electric-version (E-Nano).[25][26] Tata Group is expected to...
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