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Project Report

Introduction of Inspection Point (IP) gates on transfer issues.

1) For inspection of the engine head (job) with ease and
without much friction.
2) Replacement of old inspection tables having wear and tear by simple, manually rotating inspection table.

Project Location:
D5-Engine Factory (497/4SP cylinder head line)

Project Objective:
To eliminate the difficulty in final inspection of a job occurred by presently used old inspection tables.

Project guide- Mr. R.D.Sonawane
Member- Mr.Piyush Sawant

Project Synopsis:
After washing of the job in washing machine the job moves
forward to the final inspection table in the line through the conveyer. Before installation of the manual inspection table, the job could not move forward easily on the rollers and sometimes it gets struck in the path and line used to stop. The newly installed inspection table eliminated the above drawbacks as it is manual and with suitable clearance job can move easily.

 Current Setup:




 Processes:
After all the manufacturing operations viz. milling, drilling, tapping etc. have been completed, the cylinder head proceeds to the HD07 machine which is the industrial washing machine for cleaning of the job and debarring it . After the cleaning the job enters in the tilting table as shown in the above diagram.

After tilting job exits from the table in such a way that the exhaust face is on top. That means, the job has to be rotated in 90 deg. in the table. 

Problem Identification:
1) The job does not move forward easily in the table.
2) Due to less clearance, sometimes job gets struck and has got damages on the edges.

Solution :
For eliminating the mentioned problems above , the project
assigned to me was to manufacture the manual inspection table from the material such as scrapped table outer structure , conveyer belt (for the...
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