Tata Docomo Environmental Factors

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  • Published : May 8, 2012
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1. Technological Environment:
* As technological factors concerned, Tata Docomo is the first company which launches 3G in India. This gives the competitive advantage over the other company in the market. * It also provides UMTS (2.5G),GPRS/WAP,EDGE which gives more advantage in the market * Tata Docomo introduces the 1p per second plan which is a huge success and later on followed by all other company. * Tata DOCOMO was the first operator to launch Vringo's video ringtone service for its strong GSM subscriber base in India across 18 Circles. Under the new agreement with Tata DOCOMO, Vringo's video ringtone service will be made available to its GSM subscribers in India for 1 rupee per day, or approximately $0.80 per month.  Vringo's video ringtone software is designed to allow users to create, download and share high-quality mobile video content that is specific to various regions of the world. * Airtel launched 4g recently, which will be a major threat for other internet providers like Tata Docomo. 2. Social – cultural environment

* As Tata is an traditional organization which knows all the beliefs, norms and diversifications in India, collaboration with Tata gives Docomo a major advantage in cultural aspect. * As India has more rural areas Tata Docomo wireless phones with fewer charges reached a great mile. * As India is more concerned in families, Docomo provides plan for friends and families who can talk in lower price * Indians are price concerned. So Docomo follows loss leader strategy to obtain the market

Political and legal environment
* The new TRAI rules announced in 2012 is affected the company in terms of economically and also in market share. * Tata Docomo losses 3 territories (Assam, jammu Kashmir, north east) in the 2g spectrum scandal case, which will be a major drawback in the growth of Docomo
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