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Companies undertake International Marketing for a variety of reasons. Some are pushed by poor opportunities in the home market, and some are pulled by superior opportunities abroad. Given the risks of International Marketing, companies need a systematic way to make their International Marketing decisions.

This Project concentrates on major dimensions of global marketing, the global marketing mix, and managing and leading the global marketing effort.

A company that fails to go global is in danger of losing its domestic business to competitors with lower costs, greater experience, better products, and, in a nutshell, more value for the customer.


We live in a global marketplace. As you read this project, you may be sitting in a chair imported from Brazil at a desk imported from Denmark under a lamp from Italy. On your desk you might have a PC clone from Taiwan, software programmes from India or perhaps a Macantosh designed in the United States and made in Ireland. Your shoes might have come from Bulgaria, and the coffee you are sipping could be from Latin America or from Africa, or tea made in India. In the background you have on your favorite soft-rock radio station playing a Grateful Dead record pressed on a Philips of the Netherlands compact disc. You are planning to go to a Hollywood movie made in Los Angeles and then you plan to meet friends for dinner at the new McDonald's in town. Welcome to the new millennium. Yesterday's marketing fantasy has become today's reality: A global marketplace has emerged.

The world has undergone a complete revolution economically from the time only 50 years ago when students sitting at their desks would, perhaps with the exception of the books they were reading, not have any article in their possession that was manufactured more than 75 miles from where they lived. This project is about global marketing, which is defined as:

It is the process of focusing the resources (people, money and physical assets) and objectives of an organisation on global market opportunities and threats.

The post-World War II decades have been a period of unparalleled expansion of enterprises into global markets. Two decades ago, the term global marketing did not even exist. Today, global marketing is essential not only for the realization of the full success potential of a business, but even more critically, for the survival of a business.

Following are the steps the company has to keep in its mind while taking major decisions:

• Considering a particular foreign market, its economic, political-legal and cultural characteristics.

• Whether to do business in few or many countries

• To decide in which particular market to enter

• How to enter the market that is through direct exports, joint venture or direct investment

• The extent to which their product, price, promotion, distribution should be adapted to individual foreign markets.

The main aim of doing this project is to get familiar with the strategies a company adopts to make important international business decisions.


Behavior is based on the thinking of the top management can be classified in four ways i.e. whether the organization is – Ethnocentric, Polycentric, Geocentric and Region centric.

• Ethnocentric:

These companies have strong orientation towards the home country. They use the home base for standardized production for export in order to gain some marginal business. Decision-making is centralized. Ex. Siemens and GM are ethnocentric.

• Polycentric:

These companies have strong orientation towards the host country. They consider each market to be unique and influenced by income, culture, laws and politics. Decision-making is decentralized.

• Geocentric:

These companies consider the whole rather...
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