Taste of Africa

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Taste of Africa Restaurant Marketing Plan
Texas A&M University-Commerce

It’s no surprise that Americans mostly eat out. It’s predicted that the restaurant industry in the United States will have sales of about $580 billion and a 2.5% percent increase compared to last year. By looking at these figures, we can see that the industry has not been affected as much as other businesses by the national economic crisis. The restaurant industry remains the number one private industry to provide jobs in the United States. The growth of the industry has been stable but the trends and needs of customers have changed. Due to the increasing amount of immigrants, people are now looking for new flavors and cuisines this year. Asian, European and South American foods are so common the United States public that they are barely considered foreign. Therefore, customers want new tastes to experiment (National Restaurant Association [NRA], 2010). For this reason I have decided to create an African restaurant called Taste of Africa in Adams Morgan, Washington, DC. The Restaurant Taste of Africa is going to be a full service restaurant that provides authentic African appetizers, entrees, desserts and drinks. The goal of the restaurant is to provide lunch and dinner in a casual atmosphere that people from all ethnic backgrounds can enjoy while providing awareness of the African cuisine. The restaurant has a long term goal of expanding its business into other food related industries such a catering, recipes books and cooking classes. Taste of Africa plans on becoming a household name in the United States. The location of Washington, DC was chosen because of the diverse ethnicities in the region. The presence of other successful African restaurant shows that there’s a demand for African Cuisine. The Washington DC area is full of open minded people who are willing to try new things. Another reason this area was chosen is because of its financial strength. Residents of the area make salaries well above average and can afford to eat out compared to other areas in the USA. Also, the presence of the government and other big companies makes the area financial condition strong even in economic crisis.

The marketing mix of the restaurant is going to help Taste of Africa stay competitive in the marketplace and provide high customer value. The lower price of the food, the customized flavor of food, the cheaper promotion via internet and the accessibility and visibility of the restaurant is going to differentiate the restaurant to its competitors. Once marketing plan is implemented, it will be evaluated yearly and revised if necessary to meet new needs and new trends. Expenditure control by the owner will assure that resources are used efficiently. Overall, efficient strategies and opportunities have been studied to turn Taste of Africa into a successful business. SITUATION ANALYSIS

Market Analysis
The restaurant Taste of Africa will be located in the city of Washington DC and will have as target market, individuals living or visiting the Washington DC metropolitan area who are looking for a casual lunch or dining experience. The Washington DC area, also called National Capital Region or Washingtonian area has several characteristics which make it a great market to pursue. First, the area has a large diverse ethnic population. Twenty-five percent of residents are immigrants and the number of foreigners is expected to grow in the future. (U.S. Census Bureau, 2000) It also is house to 400 international associations, 700 internationally owned companies and 150 foreign embassies. (“About Washington DC,” 2008) The high ethnic diversity of the area allows its residents to be familiar with other cultures, therefore make them more likely to try different cuisines. It reduces skepticism, provides an open mind and respect towards different ethnicity. There are multiple ethnic restaurants all over the...
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