Taste Bud and Sugar Water

Topics: Taste bud, Sensory system, Taste Pages: 2 (830 words) Published: May 12, 2013
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07 April 2013

Sensory adaption is an occurrence where sensory neurons become less sensitive to stimulation. When you have sensory receptors that change their sensitivity this is also a cause of sensory adaption. A lot of times we become use to things around us like normal sounds, smells and people we see every day. An example would be if you like to go to bars, bars are filled with people, smoking and drinking. You can walk in to a bar for five seconds and when you exit your clothes and hair will smell like smoke making it seem like you have been there for hours.

With experiment one I took a piece of sandpaper and rubbed my finger across it a couple of times. The texture was about a 5 on a scale from 1 to 7 being very course. I could feel the bumps on my fingertip as my finger went across the sandpaper which made me ignored about the sensation. It also felt as though my finger was still on the sandpaper after I had it off of it. After waiting two minutes I then re did the same experiment by rubbing the same finger across the sandpaper again. At this time my brain was saying the sensation was the same but my finger was use to the coarseness so it did not feel as bad this time. So I then rated the second time at a 3. Although this time when I released my finger the sensation stayed longer.

The next experiment I chose was experiment 2. In this experiment I had a cup with sugar water and another with fresh water. As I swished the sugar water around in my mouth it felt as though the sugar water was intensifying. I also noticed that the longer I kept the sugar water in my mouth my taste buds became less sensitive to the sugar. Once I swished the fresh water I realized that adaptation was present. All though I was using fresh water it still seemed as though I had the sugar water in my mouth just a tad bit sugarless. My sense of taste intensified extremely when I swished the sugar water. When you look at the...
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