Taste and Pica Patients

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  • Published : May 29, 2000
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This report is on the disease called Pica, it is a eating disorder , it can ucuarr at any time to anyone , this is a serious disease . It causes the woman to have cravings for such things as playdoe or sand .

Pica is a serious eating disorder that can cuase you to need surgery . It can also cuase you to need dental work , phosphors intoxication cuased by the match heads , or environmental poising from the led or mercury .

Some of the cravings that you get from this disorder are clay , dirt , cornstarch , laundary starch , baking soda , chalk , buttons ice , paper , dried paint , ciggerette buts , burnt matches , ashes , sand , soap , toothpaste , oyster shells , or ven broken crockery . The woman who get this disease craves 6 out of the 18 things that are craved with this disease . They named this disease after the latin word magpie , magpie is a bird , they named it after the bird because they have a weird

eating habit . It also craves the substances that the Pica patients do .

The most common time for the disease to acuarr is while a woman is pregnant or nursing . This disease can cuase iron deficiecny . Starch is also linked to iron deficiency because it lacks minerals .

The eating of clay and dirt has been known to relieve nausea , control diarrhea , increase salivation , remove toxins , and alter odor or taste perception . Some docters say it is a response to stress , or a habit disorder . Some of the other symptoms that aren't as obvious are fatigue , lightheadedness , or shortness of breath .

If Pica is detected you might have iron deficiency , spooning of the nails , which is the nail getting thinner , and the edges start rising . You also might experence flatting of the papillae , which are the taste buds .
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