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Tasks for Mussolini

By | November 2012
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Fascism and the Rise of Mussolini to Power in Italy to 1922

Introductory Exercise and Unit Assessment

Resources: Provided by your texts, handouts and Internet Sites


Task 1: Define Fascism

• Use 4 sources in order to develop a definition of Fascism and it origins. 50 – 75 words

• Use to give a correct alphabetised bibliographic references to your four sources

Task 2: Assessing and evidencing the role of Mussolini in his Rise to power (being named Italian PM in OCT 1922)

• Read a number of sources which describe the period in Italy from 1919-22 and Mussolini’s role in those events • What credit should Mussolini himself receive for his being named Italian Prime Minister in 1922 by the king ? • On a scale of 1 – 10 (10 being the highest or very significant) give a score to Il Duce’s role

Provide 10 points of evidence to back your conclusion.

• Point form
• No generalisations or unsubstantiated
• Correct footnoted citations for each

The idea here is to practice collecting “pure” evidence whilst citing it, in the fashion that you are expected to for your Historical Investigation.

You will be directed to, and given a number of sources for this work.

Task 3:

Provide the views of two Historians that assess the role of Mussolini or the conditions in which he came to power.

Stephen Lee, Dennis Mack Smith and Christopher Hibbert are well known historians for example.

• Give the names and provide an extract or short quote of the view • summarise the views in 25 words each

Task 4:

What was the March on Rome?
How was it Propagandised?
What actually happened?

• Take brief notes that answer these areas fully

Task 5:

Provide a list of the METHODS Mussolini used to achieve power.

Summative Assessment: Essay 1000-1200 words

Analyse the conditions which lead to Mussolini’s rise to Power.


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