Taska Anak-Anak Kita

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  • Published : February 7, 2011
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Taska Anak-Anak Kita has implemented dynamic website for their nursery. With quite an impressive front page, the web provided information about the nursery. Figure 1.1 shows the front page of the web. Based on the design, it is specifically in promoting the nursery but not implementing any system we want to do. We would like to do, if possible, impressive as they did. FIGURE 1.1 FRONT PAGE OF TASKA ANAK-ANAK KITA

But what we want to for e-nursery was not implemented in this web. Though it is beautiful but it is not convenient. Parents (potential customers) have to contact in order to register their children to the nursery. Plus, the website information browser is quite small. You have to scroll down on that tiny little button in order read the information. It is shown on Figure 1.2. If parent has any enquiry regarding the nursery, they can straight away contact or send an email at nursery. In Taska Anak-Anak Kita contain a page which called mail us where they provided a simple form of enquiry for those who interested. We may as well implement this though in our e-nursery system as this will help in communicating with the potential customers. This enquiry form of Taska Anak-Anak Kita is shown in Figure 1.3. FIGURE 1.2 CHILDREN SECTION IN TASKA ANAK-ANAK KITA


As we moved on, another website that implemented registration system are Taska Lemon and Tadika Orange. This nursery has been conducted by 2 sisters and they combine the registration form. Nevertheless the registration form is like one we want to do. It is shown in Figure 2.1 and Figure 2.2. Figure 2.1 First part of the registration system.

Figure 2.2 Second Part of the Registration System
Taska Lemon also provides their workers picture of the nursery in the web. Parent will be delighted of they know better who are going to take care of their children. It is as shown in figure 2.3. In the figure shows the supervisors for every...
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