Task Shc 23

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1.1 Explain what is meant by

Diversity-Everyone is individual and different, valuing differences.

Equality- Opportunities to develop and learn while their physical and emotional safety and well being are being protected. Children are given access to same opportunities

Inclusion- is a process of identifying and breaking down barriers to participation and belonging.

Discrimination- when people are judged about their culture, gender,race,lifestyle,age. Chidren are treated less favourable than others

1.2 Describe ways in which discrimination may deliberately or inadvertently occur in the work setting.

Discrimination can occur in many different ways, this could be due to their skin colour,lifestyle, age gender, disability. children may feel left out not involved this will make them not want to come to school and effect their confidence and self esteem.

e.g Child might not want to play with a other child because of their skin colour. e.g she is a different skin colour to mine.

Sterotypes- A staff member may intentionally categorise children in a particular way. E.g boys play with blue things and girls play with pink.

Racial - a child is treated differently due to his race and english is not his first language.- child is not included in any class activities. being left out because the child don't understand or speak english.

Also a chid may only have a disability e.g have a wheelchair, and other children don't want to interact because the other child is in a wheelchair. e.g i don't want to play with him he can't even walk.

1.3 Explain how practice that support equality and inclusion reduce the likelihood of discrimination

Be good role model, promote diversity and individuality of children and young people by knowledging their positive attributes and abilities, listen and involve children and respond to their concerns, have positive approach to different cultures, relines and languages. Talk about...
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