Task Maintenance Roles

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There are many roles that people perform in teams. Some of these relate to helping the team perform its tasks. Others relate to maintaining the team and relationships among members.

Finally, there are dysfunctional roles that may hinder the team; behavior is directed toward personal rather than team needs. Below is a list and brief description of different roles and functions performed in teams. Read each description and choose one person in the team who fits this description. In other words, based upon your perception of the team, who performs each function or role? A person may be nominated for more than one role, and you may nominate yourself.


INITIATOR/CONTRIBUTORproposes goals, new ideas, and solutions; defines problems;
suggests procedures; points out benefits

INFORMATION GIVERoffers facts and relevant information or experience

OPINION GIVERstates belief about alternatives; focuses on values rather
than facts

INFORMATION SEEKERseeks clarification of suggestions based on facts relevant to
the problem

OPINION SEEKERasks for clarification of values which the group holds in
relation to the problem

COORDINATORclarifies the various suggestions, ideas, and opinions and
coordinates them

SUMMARIZERsummarizes and restates back to the team; draw member's
activities together; offers conclusions

CLARIFIER/ELABORATORinterprets; gives examples; defines terms; clears up
confusion or ambiguity

EVALUATORsubjects the team's activity to some criterion, for example,
practicality, logic, etc.

ORIENTORtries to show the team the position it is now taking and may
raise questions about its direction

PROCEDURAL TECHNICIANperforms routine tasks for the group such as
secretary/treasurer; timekeeper

ENERGIZERstimulates the group to action leading to closure


ENCOURAGERpraises good points, exhibits acceptance (the "we"...
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