Task Force Paper

Topics: Motivation, Incentive, Alfie Kohn Pages: 5 (1851 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Task Force Dynamic Paper

Primary Data

The primary focus of the tasks force groups is to pick a company where we would gather information about how they interpret organizational behavior throughout their work force atmosphere and to their employee’s. Many of us are focused with our companies with questions like “when would we be able to reach out to the company” and wondering what type of questions we would ask the employers and managers. What I came to realize is that with all the groups, we have already begun the process of how organization behavior works and what is necessary to obtain a healthy environment within a group of people. With my group, at the very first class meeting, it seemed to me that most of the members knew each other and with that it created a relaxed atmosphere. With a relaxed atmosphere it was easy for all of us to introduce ourselves to one another and begin the process of choosing a specific company to focus on. During our first meeting we all agreed to assign ourselves with specific tasks that we would focus on for our groups person 1 wanted to be the organizer, person 2 the scheduler, person 3 would cover media, and lastly I choose to be the record keeper for our group. Once we settled with who was going to be in charge of what, we all came up with ideas and suggestions as to which company we could possibly focus on. We all had great suggestions, but person 2 mention how we should probably focus on a company where someone we may know works at so we could have possibly more access to resources. I felt the same way as person 2 because I believe it would be helpful to have someone from the company helping you gather as much information needed. That’s when person 1 suggested 3 different companies Sodexo, Citizens Bank, and Dynamic Flowform. Person 2 stated “ Citizens bank wouldn’t be able to give us much information because its just one branch” and person 3 agreed with what person 2 had to say and mentioned if Dynamic Flowform wouldn’t allow us to do research on their company Sodexo would be our fallback. With a couple of days to think about these companies we came with an agreement that we wanted to focus more on Dynamic Flowform. This company focuses on manufacturing dimensionally precise, round, seamless, hollow components. . We chose this because person 2 had an acquaintance with the Vice President of the company. It’s a unique company and we wanted to know how this small business focuses on their employee’s with organizational behavior. Then within the last few class meeting we prepared some possible questions that we would ask employees and managers. With our information all gathered and organized my group and I now have the resources to be able to do research on a “real life scenario” of organizational behavior within a company

The article “Incentives and Motivation” mentions how managers and human resources are big on identifying a way to motivate their employers. It explains how most of the time they use bonuses as an incentive to get their workers motivated for the workday, but what the article explains is that money incentive bonuses don’t usually work. The article states, “ The problem with this is that people then game the system”. This typically means people cheat their way into getting the bonus no matter what is at stake, which could harm the company itself. Lets take for example a factory would award its workers an extra bonus if they produce materials with no defects, but with a bonus in mind workers would not report any defects and therefore harms the company’s reputation to its consumers who buy the products. The article has a small passage from Alfie Kohn, Harvard Business Review, who mentions reward are effective, but over time they don’t produce lasting changes in attitudes or behavior. While rewards are effective at producing temporary compliance, they are strikingly ineffective at producing lasting changes in attitudes or behavior. The news gets...
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