Task Environment of Parknshop

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Task environment analysis of Parknshop

Who are the main customers? How is their purchase behavior?
Most customers are home buyers. They can shop groceries, dairy product, sanitary goods, personal care and so on. Parknshop offers one- stop shopping experience to cover daily household needs. Customers expect best- of- class service and top quality products. With the vision to become leading retail stores, this concept is implemented into every aspect of Parknshop strategic decisions like store location selection, store ambience, products and so on to meet changing needs of diverse customers. Let’s see purchase pattern of these target consumers. As I mentioned above, people shop similar things in these stores. To some degree, they are standard and always charge the same price and not high. Low price products make customers less price sensitive. Buyers then face low switching cost, they may choose random one according to their mood or accessibility. In some occasion, sales promotion may change customer’s inclination, but it usually comes as short- term strategy. If they have extra time, they may shop certain things in a more specific kind of shop. In general, customers tend to switch freely among these mega players. Who is my key supplier?

Let’s take frozen food stuff as an example.

Supplier of this department is Tiger EYE Marketing Association Inc. Parknshop is a promising company, attractive to retail partner who want to tap into a diverse and ever- growing consumer base. While suppliers offer goods to guarantee Parknshop’s daily operation, suppliers can get rewarding pay back from Parknshop. It’s a win-win. So most of suppliers have developed a positive partnership with Parknshop. But there is certain degree of risk. Parknshop usually buy large volumes of goods, if suppliers cease the offer or under some unexpected situation, Parknshop will feel lost. Who is my major competitor?

Direct competitor: Wellcome.
High level of rivalry often results in lower...
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