Task 5 2.1 Explain Key Components of a Healthy and Safe Home-Based Environment.

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  • Published : November 2, 2011
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TASK 5 2.1 Explain key components of a healthy and safe home-based environment.

To ensure a healthy environment you must meet the four coloured EYFS themes and legal requirements (ACT 2006) and also children’s (ACT2004). Every child matters: .Be happy

.stay safe
.enjoy & achieve
.make positive contribution
.achieve anomic well-being
Common core: Sets out six areas of essential skills and knowledge required. .Effective communication and engagement
.Child and person development
.Safe guarding and promoting the welfare of the child .Supporting transitions
.Multi-agency working
.Sharing information

Ensure regular observations of each individual child to study, scrutinise and making sure of their safety. These will help plan future play activities so they will be stimulated and extend their child’s learning and development. Identifying their strengths or weaknesses early so if any concerns can be passed on to parents regarding their child’s development.

Children can become unwell very quickly without warning and illnesses, allergies need immediate medical attention right away, Should ensure that training is up to date and have first aid qualification and renew it every three years so you know the correct response and procedure. If a child develops infectious illnesses you have to inform the Childs parents to come and collect them as soon as possible. It is also the child minders full responsibility to inform other parents of the other children that a child has become unwell with an infection, because you have the responsibility also of the other children’s health and safety and to provide a...
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