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Topics: Animal Farm, Question, George Orwell Pages: 1 (407 words) Published: May 29, 2013

“Literature is the question, minus the answer”. Personally, I assume the author if this quote, Roland Barthes had meant, literature is like life will all of the questions that come along with it, but sometimes you don’t always know the answers. Life in general is a just a huge question. I agree with this statement because sometimes in life when things go wrong or something unexpected happens, you can either understand why, or never be given the answer to all the misfortune that’s occurred. Animal Farm, written by George Orwell, is a perfect example of this quote. This quote fits the novel, Animal Farm, because throughout the story they had many questions about their life and the way it was going but they couldn’t always find the answer. An example of them questioning life had been when Old Major initially began the idea of the revolution questioning man and the benefits and gain of humans and the loss for animals. They questioned why they had been taken advantage of, was it due to the fact that they were animals, or was Mr. Jones just a greedy drunk? The only answer to this huge question was to make change and become equal animals and become rid of the farmer. Another example from the novel would be when the windmill had been originally torn down. Why was all of this happening to them? The animals had rid their lives of the farmer, why were bad events still occurring. Not being able to truly find the answer, the used a scapegoat, Snowball, to blame for the disaster that nobody could truly explain. This scapegoat is a perfect example of not fully understanding or knowing the answers to basic events that occur in life. The last example in Animal Farm relating to this quote had been once Napoleon earned total control and changing the rules around to fit his personal needs, such as drinking, sleeping in beds, and living in the house. The animals had questioned his motives and the purpose.

“Literature is the question, minus the answer”....
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