Topics: Teenage pregnancy, Pregnancy, Adolescence Pages: 3 (809 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Here we would like to take the opportunity to thanks everyone. Finally, we did complete our English Language Proficiency Course given by the lecturers. High appreciation and gratitude we would like to say to Madam Lim Peng Geok , PPISMP-BM/PJK/SJ supervisor for third semester that have provided guidance and advice to carry out this task. Thanks for her guidance and explaination on how to complete this task in order to provide a course work as required. In addition, we also feel indebted to the staff resource center for helping us in finding reference materials to be used for this task. Then, thanks to both of our parents and all family members who helped us financially and mental motivation. Furthermore, we feel indebted to our friends that helped us in finding information and sharing knowledge in order to complete the coursework. In fact, we also want to thank the seniors who gave a lot of ideas and styles of reference according to APA format should be. Lastly, we wish to thanks everyone who has helped us either directly or indirectly during the coursework to complete the task. That’s all, thank you.

Personal response
We have been debating for decades on whether or not to provide comprehensive sex education to our children especially to the teens. We forget that they grow up anyhow but without the critical information which allows them to abstain from sex, practice safe behaviour and make good decisions. Somehow we expect them to know all of this and then we delegate the responsibility to others and more often than not depend on blind luck for our young people to know right from wrong, religious and social morals and norms. We tolerate and in recent events, have been seen to encourage or force underage or child marriages in the misguided and simplistic belief that marriage will solve teenage pregnancy. According to the article What Are the Causes of Teenage Pregnancy? ( Dr. R.Y. Langham, 2012 ) stated that the causes of teenage pregnancy...
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