Tasers, Are They Good or Bad

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  • Published : May 8, 2012
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Tasers, Are They Good or Bad
Tasers are used by many police forces throughout the United States. They are classified as a non-lethal use of force. The police use tasers to stop criminals from running away without using lethal force, although there have been reports about criminals dying when they got tased. That poses an issue.

Out of the people who died from being tased, the majority of them had health conditions, such as heart conditions and breathing problems. Many people overlook the fact that police officers don’t know if the person they are about to tase has a health condition or not. But in the police’s defense if the person was not resisting arrest the officer would not have to tase them. Police officers get sued by the families who lose loved ones due to the taser accidents and this is why it is an issue.

The issues with tasers came to be when the first person who died from a shock of a taser, died. From then on, it was a problem with civilians because they were afraid if they got tased they could die. But it’s not like that; if people wouldn’t try to resist arrest they wouldn’t have to worry about getting tased. But as people see it, it is where the issue came to be.

There are some ways to correct this issue. One way to correct it is to stop the use of tasers. If you were to stop the use of tasers officers wouldn’t be able to use a non-lethal method of force to stop resisting criminals. Another way to correct the issue of taser deaths is to lower the amount of volts it sends through a body. But even that correction has a downfall. The downfall is that if the criminal can handle the shock they will not go down. These are some corrections to the issue.

I feel as though the police are not going to make any corrections because there are not many deaths due to tasers in a year. So the police will keep a non-lethal force to help them with resisting criminals and they will have them for safety. If police were to get rid of the taser they...
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