Taser Overuse

Topics: Police, Injury, Pepper spray Pages: 5 (1729 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Eddie Kaplan

The use of tasers by the law enforcement agencies in general, and by police officers. This has become one of the most controversial issues in the area of criminal justice policy. This is because the issues are really straightforward and the issues at hand are serious.

The use of taser should be permitted to extend that such use is necessary to police officers should have some understanding of the effects that using weapon is likely to have upon a suspect before using the weapon.

I do agree that police officers should be authorized to use a taser on a suspect. But the question is when and under what circumstances, a jail guard or a correctional officer should be permitted or required to use a taser on an inmate.

When tasers are being used and are in firing mode they can shoot to a distance of 21 feet. They are programmed to deploy five-second bursts of electricity, although the charge can be prolonged indefinitely if the operator’s finer remains on the trigger. The shock can be repeated countless times. Both probes contain a cartridge of compressed nitrogen that fire the probes, and which must be reloaded every time the officer wants to fire. Both models have laser sights for accurate targeting and a built in memory to record the time and date of each firing. Both models operate on 26 watts of electric output. Both deliver a 50,000-volt shock, which is designed to override the subject’s central nervous system , causing uncontrollable contraction of the muscle tissue and instant collapse.

When the taser is in “drive-stun” mode at point blank range, the taser attacks the sensory nervous system. Rather than causing complete- compliance technique. In this mode, the taser is used without the air cartridge. It applies shocks directly to the subject’s body, skin, or clothing. The duration is the same as when the taser is used in firing mode, unless the officer keeps his hand on the trigger for longer.

The clear consensus of the research is that a one time five second shock does not seriously or permanently injure a healthy and sober young adult who is not pregnant. However, the few studies that have been done, as well as professional evidence suggest that there are some serious health risks involved when indivduals not falling within that category are tasered.

The warnings for using a taser on a pregnant woman because of the risk that she would suffer from involuntary muscle contractions, making the risk greater that she would fall and damage the baby.

Tasers pose some grave risks for that warrant should be caution for more research and study. To this day there is still not enough is known about the risks of taser use to children, the ederly, pregnant women, and those who are under the influence of drugs. From what researchers know prolonged use of tasers dramatically increases the risk of ventricular fibrillation and consequent cardiac arrest, even if they are healthy adults and don’t appear to have any problems. It could cause a seazuire if the subject is tasered in the head. From what researchers have found these issues appear to be permanent, if not fatal.

There are many legal issues when it comes to use of tasers. In 1922 the department of alchol, tobacco, and firearms classified tasers as firearms. Now the ATF no longer classifies tasers as firearms, so it is hard to make tasers illegal if they are not a firearm. With the use of them they no one else but the police officers are liable for injuries caused by a taser if there were ever to be one. With the use of tasers there are even risks of operating one that you could be harmed. So there are even risks police officers take in operating them.

Tasers are dangerous and even sometimes lethal and could cause death or grievous bodily injury. The police shouldn’t have to be given the opportunity to decide In the split moment to decide weather to use taser force on a subject. There is to much to decide, is the subject elderly, pregnant, a...
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