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  • Published: March 17, 2010
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“Develop a service blueprint for an organization in the hospitality service industry of your choice”

Development Steps;
- Decide on the company’s service or service process to be blueprinted and the objective. - Determine who should be involved in the blueprinting process - Modify the blueprinting technique (if required)

- Map the service as it happens most of the time.
- Be sure customers remain the focus
- Track insights that emerge for future action
- Develop recommendations and future actions based on blueprinting goals - If desired, create final blueprints for use within the organization


Attention: It is a must to submit your coursework for each module upon registering for the term examinations. Should you fail to submit your coursework in time you are not allowed to sit for the examination. Partner centres must submit their students’ coursework assignments even if they had received a Fail from their markers. The students’ module examination paper will not be marked if Raffles Academy Singapore did not receive the coursework assignment. Partner centres must ensure that their students submit a digital copy and a printed copy of each their student’s coursework assignment.

Module Tutor marking

The following coursework assignments will be marked based on the criteria provided ‘Coursework Assignment Marking Sheet’

Answering the question: This coursework assignment should be of your own work and you must answer all the questions.

Level of discussion: Coverage of material, the depth of analysis, an understanding of central issues, relevancy, citing of reference to the available literature, level of correlation and your personal evaluation with the problems and critical thinking.

Material organisations: There should be a structured flow between facts and findings. A logical development of arguments between introduction and conclusion with some analytical made....
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