Targeting Strategies for Adidas India

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Targeting strategeies for Adidas India :-

Targeting segments would be aspiring athletes in the age group of 15 to 35.

In the lifestyle and apparel market targets consumers who identify with sport as a way of life and are brand conscious.

Focus on Lifestyle
There should be a more emphasis to penetrate the lifestyle market deeply, without losing sight of its long heritage as the original performance brand. Consumers who may be less active sports participants, but who are style setters and style leaders can be targeted on a larger scale. It is these people who set the trends which are later adopted by the mass market. Originals speak to the needs and values of the lifestyle consumer with concepts that are smart, cool, positive, modern and alive.

Further it would target principal consumption centers, namely metros and build more than existing significant stand alone exclusive store presence in significant location. The strategy would be to play to Adidas strengths, i.e in apparel and mid to high priced footwear

Using the authentic sports platform and build and reinforce credibility through relevant brand ambassador and grassroots sports marketing programs.

One more new area of targeting would be a teenage between 14 to 19 years.

The focus should be on men and women who are brand conscious or are looking for comfort and performance in the area of footwear.

It has got an entire line of shoes devoted to sports like basket ball, football, tennis, golf and running.


Adidas currently manufactures several running shoes, including the adiStar Control 5, theadiStar Ride (the replacement for the adiStar Cushion 6), the Supernova Sequence (thereplacement for the Supernova Control 1 and the Supernova Cushion 7 (which will soonbe replaced by the Supernova Glide), among others. In addition, their performance apparel is widely used by runners.
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