Target's Shopping Behavior

Topics: Old age, Middle age, Want Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: March 17, 2013
1.I went to Target during the weekend and I found there are many differences shopping behavior between young and old people. The elderly were conscientious shoppers with 70 percent reading store advertisements before entering the store. Also elderly using newspapers and personal observation while shopping as their primary sources of grocery product information. While I was walking around the Target I felt older shoppers to shop more leisurely than time pressured younger shoppers and to avoid non-traditional supermarket departments such as delicatessens and health and beauty aids while frequenting perishables departments such as meat and produce. Young shopper always carry Cokes and microwave products, and comparing with older shopper they would like to stay in produce department and frozen products is not attracting them anymore. When I was in the line to checkout, I found elder people usually paying cash or writing check due to they might forget their debit card password. Young people paid cash and used credit a lot more than order people, once they paid cash they always donate the change to the charity. 2.Men shopping behavior:

Most men do not care about the sale items. They do not spend a lot of time on price comparing. Men do not bargain a lot with the sales person. I think for men shopping is just achieving a goal or a mission. As they finished with shopping, they immediately try to leave the shop. They don’t have issue like this color or that color. Normally, men do not carry friend with them for shopping. Men want to finish this hectic process as early as possible. Men do not want to take too many opinions of friends because this extends duration of shopping, so they prefer to shop alone. As I observed the only thing that men will be attracted is electronic devices such as computer, laptop, television, or smart phone. Men love to spend more time on electronic devices but spend less time on shopping. Also I noticed a interesting fact was that there...
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