Target vs. Walmart

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  • Published : April 25, 2012
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What Makes Target So Successful
I am going to compare Target against Wal-Mart . Target does a variety of things to ensure that its employees are successful at their jobs and to make sure guests are provided with the best customer service possible. Target uses different technology to communicate quickly between members and to respond to guest as quickly as possible.

Target starts the process of great customer service by hiring the best people for the job. Target has a lengthy interview process that includes multiple interviews and tests before a person can be hired. Once an employee is hired, a lot of money is invested to ensure proper training of each and every employee. Target does their best to try and ensure they hire not only good team members, but great managers to lead the team members. After an employee is hired, they instill their motto of “Fast, Fun, and Friendly” into each employee. Target wants each employee to follow this motto. Even lingo at Target has made a positive impact. For example, Target does not call people who come and in shop customers, instead they call them guests. They want to ensure their guests feel at home. My research is about Target being the best in customer service compared to other retail chains. I am going to find studies, articles, and do an experiment with the class. I plan on showing evidence that because Target has implemented different techniques, which is what makes them successful. I used to never shop at Target because other retail stores are closer to my home. After working at Target and seeing how the store was put together and the type of training employees go through, I will always be a Target customer. While working at Target, I always thought to myself, “If only Wal-Mart would implement the technologies and training that Target employees receive, they would be unbeatable.” I have no idea why Wal-Mart won’t get walkies for every sales floor employee. When I walk into a Walmart,...
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