Target Private Label Brand Analysis

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  • Published : April 13, 2012
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In this assignment we analyzed Target’s private labels. Target has both value and premium private brands. Target uses “Up & Up” for its value private label products and “Archer Farms” for its premium private label food products. The three product categories that we picked are household products, health products, and food products.

The first household product that we picked is Target’s Up & Up body wash. The Up & Up’s Delicate Exfoliating Body Wash is compared to the national brand Dove Exfoliating Body Wash. They both are 24 oz and have the same package size and color. The Up & Up is $3.24 whereas Dove is $5.49 which is 69% more expensive than the Up & Up body wash. In terms of packing, the Up & Up body wash has the same packing as the Dove body wash. They are very identical to each other and have the same shape and color. The Up & Up body wash is placed on the upper right shelf where other body wash products are placed. In addition, the private brand is placed on the same shelf, but to the right side of the national brand.

Next, we picked Target’s Up & Up hand soap. The Up & Up’s Moisturizing Hand Soap Aloe Vera is compared to Softsoap Soothing Aloe Vera hand soap. They both are 64 oz, have the same package and color. The Up & Up is $3.69 while Softsoap is $4.49 which is 22% is more expensive than Target’s private brand. In terms of packaging, the Up & Up hand soap has the same packaging as Softsoap hand soap. They both look the same and have a similar package size, shape and color. The Up & Up hand soap is placed on the center bottom shelf and is placed to the right of Dove body wash.

From the health products we picked Target’s Up & Up Probiotic Dietary Supplement. The Up & Up’s Probiotic Dietary Supplement is compared to Align Probiotic Dietary Supplement. They both have 26 tablets - 4 week supply. The Up & Up tablets costs $16.79 where the Align is $28.89 which is 72% more...
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