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  • Published : August 10, 2010
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Target Market Description:
Target Market: Class A-B, (Upper class, Elites, Middle class) Age: 10- 57 years old
Gender: Male and Female
Occupation: students, businessmen, call- center agents, artists. Status: Single, Married
Budget for a coffee: 100-150php

Lifestyle: trendy, economical
Consumer Behaviors:
-Cultural value: They want their coffee to be served and originally brewed or roasted. -staying very long at one place
-Most of our consumers like to read books and listen to music. They also like arts and a vintage genre which our coffee shop represents. Attitudes:
-half of our consumers are smokers. Some visits a coffee shop that has a smoking area.

Consumer Needs:
-They need to stay awake for school or work. For example, the call- center agents that have a graveyard schedule. -socializing with groups, their belongingness
- a place to stay

Consumer Wants:
-use of internet /Wi-Fi
-convenient location

-They expect in a coffee shop to be cozy and comfortable and a place where they can relax and think. -They also expect that our service is good, the presentation of the served food and beverages. -The top three expectation factors for students are brand name, shop décor and pastries whereas professionals want a convenient location and brand familiarity.

Our location for our Coffee Shop is at Greenbelt. It is a very convenient location because many of our target market go there. -urban, size of the area is big and the population is high.
Lifestyle factors:
- Class A- They live near malls or a coffee shop branch. It can also be a “one-car away” for them. -Class B- The coffee shops are on their way when they go to work. -There are schools nearby. Students like to go to the malls after school. - There is a MRT nearby.

-There are residents around Greenbelt that are mostly our target market.
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