Target Audience Subway

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Subway took its journey from a single outlet in Perth and now has a target market of young Australian consumers that is more nutrition conscious and focuses on having healthy food as opposed to burgers or fries. It happens to be the undisputed market leader in the category of sandwiches while it has a competitive edge over others in terms of having ten times more locations than any other brand. By the year, 1993, Subway had opened up 8,400 stores with most of them being in North America that made it the number two fast food chain in the United States with Pizza Hut being on number one (McDonald, 1998). The SUBWAY system is committed to providing a wide range of great tasting, healthier food choices while reducing our environmental footprint and creating a positive influence in the communities they serve around the world. Their easy-to-prepare sandwiches are made to order right in front of the customer, precisely the way they want - using freshly baked breads, select sauces and a variety of delicious toppings. From the advertisement, we can see variety choose like Steak and Cheese, Chicken Teriyaki, Italian BMT, Meatball, Turkey Breast and Ham, Tuna Honey Oat, Roast Beef and Veggle delight. It’s advertising slogan or most precisely put, it’s tagline is, ‘Eat Fresh’ highlighting the actual positioning the business has maintained. Having served customers at an international level, Subway, aims at value being served rather than having a transactional relationship. Moreover, their sandwiches are served based on size mentioned on the menu and consumers can opt for a value addition through customization. They consistently offering value to consumers through providing great tasting food that is good for them and made the way they want it. The target market of SUBWAY is adults between the ages of 16 and 39 and the target audience is perfect for everyone from casual get-togethers with just a few friends to gigantic parties with hundreds of guests.  You...
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