Target Audience for Apple Ipod

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  • Published : August 28, 2011
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Target Audience for Apple iPod

The core target market for iPod is young adults and teenagers. iPod a music player has a differentiated market segmentation characterized in age, gender and desire for image. It is targeted towards the people who have an enthusiasm to the technology and hobby, particularly in music. The iPod is unlike any other music player with its unique appeal to a remarkable range of ages and personalities. In general, iPod is designed for anyone interested in carrying the equivalent of hundreds of CDs worth of music, and numerous other files, in a small, easy-to-use design that fits in one's pocket.

Different models of iPod are present in the market to satisfy the different needs of the customer. The iPod shuffle models are designed for those who are interested in an inexpensive, well-designed portable music player that holds a few CDs worth of music and offers easy integration with iTunes and Music Store.

The iPod nano models target the person interested in a device that provides modest capacity for music and photos in an extremely tiny and elegant case. Whereas the video-capable iPod models are marketed to fill the same need as the other "full size" iPod systems with video playback as an added bonus.

The iPod touch models take the iPod line into new territory, offering music, photo, and video playback on a larger display than earlier iPod models, as well as Internet access via wi-fi and support for thousands of third-party apps and games.

Some of the connotations the iPod has come to be associated with so far are youth-culture, technical gadgetry, and trend. Youth which is influenced by street-cultural trends looks at the artefact as a luxury good. It is no longer a matter of just listening to music; the significations have extended to aesthetics, trends, and status. It is perceived by the customers as the status symbol, a must have fashion accessory and to have an iPod has become a matter of prestige.

Customers buying the...
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