Target and Job Satisfaction

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  • Published : November 28, 2012
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Target and Job Satisfaction.
Job satisfaction is very important in regards to keeping employees productive and efficient. If a employee is not happy with their working environment, co-workers, or the task on hand, then they are more likely to be less efficient and productive for the company. With that being said, Target is a wonderful place for advancement and status in a career with Target. Target states “We’re devoted to helping our more than 365,000 team members throughout the world live well and achieve their goals, know that their diver perspectives, talents and commitments make both our company and communities the best they can be.” This statement and ideology shows the public that Target believes that the company is nothing without the employees that put their energy into it. Target has enforced this by providing their employees with incentives such as: resources, services and benefits programs. As far as leaders in each department, Target has ensured that leaders are well invested in and that they are given the opportunity to personal career development and networking opportunities. What makes Target special when it comes to Job Satisfaction is that they offer a variety of career development opportunities for the purpose of building the best team, because the best team represents the company itself. During the hiring process, target is in the pursuit of top talents that they intend to foster so that they not support the individuals growth but also set guidelines and development goals so that each member are able to pursue it.

Target believes in the social well-being of everybody inside and outside the company. They believe in the concept that building strong relationships and enjoying life inside and outside work settings will distinguish other companies. For example, Target offers discounts, fun activities, social networks, and life event resources to help team members create a meaningful connection with others. Target wants to make every employee...
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