Tarentino Unleashed Django Unchained

Topics: Quentin Tarantino, Film director, Slavery Pages: 3 (1106 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Tarantino Unleashed Django Unchained: Real Life Fake Story
Rough Draft
Mark A Holden
ENG225: Introduction to Film
Instructor: Renee Gurley
April 8, 2013

The latest movie in the saga that is the demented genius of Quentin Tarentino, Django Unchained is an amazing movie. Though racked and steaming in controversy and an overabundance of the N-word, the story and the acting pulled it through. The trio of Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington ad Quentin Tarentino sang in such good harmony as they made it through the script, the Academy awarded it an award for the script. God move and great times.

Tarantino Unleashed Django Unchained: Real Life Fake Story
Well with a name like Quentin, you have to do something exceptional, or you got to be able to fight really good to make in the real world of Hollywood. With Django Unchained he seems to have done both. And it is an exceptional fight that he has won. Django is the movie one needs to watched at least twice-despite controversial use of the disgustingly mind numbing N-word-is a story of every slave’s fantasy, getting to kill the “massah” and either getting paid for it or just because of who they were. Despite all of the controversy and all of the early leaks of the scripts and the movie, Django told the story and told it in a manner that made you feel as the movie’s director/writer wanted to feel.

Django Set in the slave trade era of the Deep South with a flair for the Old West, the film follows a freed slave, played by Jamie Fox who begins travelling across the United States with a bounty hunter played by Christoph Waltz. Though Django is working for the good Dr. Schultz, he is really on a mission to rescue his wife played by Kerry Washington from a ruthless and vicious plantation owner played by Leonardo Dicaprio.

It is a story that could have been told in a different manner had anyone else had taken up the mantel of command but Tarantino hits his mark. This is a movie that tends to scale many...
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